Legal Timeshare Aid
 Legal Timeshare Aid


Our main goal is to assist families who have been victimized by corrupt developers and mortgage lenders, and in conjunction with our referral law firms, find solutions that best fit your needs, wants, and personal situation.



Research and Investigation


The first step of our process is to spend some time with one of our Research Consultants going over your individual situation. They will gather background information on your developer or mortgage company, and help to determine if there is sufficient cause to escalate your case. If your mortgage is held by a fractional ownership or timeshare developer, they will go over a list of the most common misrepresentations such as investment potential or resale value of the property, promises of rental income to offset costs, that the developer would buy the property back at a future date, hiding down payment monies from you by opening undisclosed credit card or Bill Me Later accounts, or that you could go home and refinance the property at your bank or credit union at a much lower interest rate. This is just a sample of the lies being told to consumers to get them to purchase more ownership than they need , want, or in many cases, can even afford. 

If the Research Consultant determines that there is sufficient malfeasance involved in your case, they will then set you a phone appointment with one of the Executive Members to further review your case. 



If you make an appointment to consult with one of the Executive Members on our team, there are a few things you should have at hand for the call. To save everyone time and energy, all the owners or signers on the property should be present for the call if possible. Conference calls can easily be arranged if the involved parties are located in different parts of the country. Copies of any pertinent documents are extremely helpful, as well as any other ownership information needed, such as name of the developer or lender, type of ownership, size of units or number of points owned, amount of debt owed, mortgage and maintenance fees, and member and contract numbers.

The Executive Member will then go over the case with you, walking you step by step through the sales and closing process that you experienced to determine if any laws were violated, which ones they were, and what recourse you may or may not have. Should there be sufficient evidence of misrepresentation, or even outright fraud, then the Executive Member will then let you know what your choices in the matter are, and which of our relief programs will be available to you and your family.  



Once it has been determined that you qualify for one of our relief programs, and you have an interest in becoming a client, we will then ask you to take the time to perform a certain amount of Due Diligence on our company. The more egregious your situation is, and the higher your outstanding debt load on your mortgage, the more Due Diligence we will ask you to do.

You may take as much time as you like to research our company, and no one will EVER pressure you to become a client. Many of our clients have saved tens of thousands of dollars as a result of our services, and a few have even saved hundreds of thousands. When you get to the point that you are 100% comfortable with us as a company, and our process, only then will you be sent a Service Agreement. Up to this point we have a great success rate, and we have never had a single complaint filed against us with any consumer or government agency.

The last step of our process is to choose which referral law firm will best meet your needs, and this choice is always dictated by which service you feel is best for you and your family. In every single case we will make recommendations to you and your family as to which direction we think will be most advantageous, but the final choice of where you and your family will ultimately end up is always going to be yours to make. 


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