Legal Timeshare Aid
 Legal Timeshare Aid

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Home, fractional, and timeshare ownership are wonderful products that most Americans enjoy having, reaping the benefit of long term cost savings, along with the additional freedom, amenities, and privacy that come with ownership. It’s only when people are lied to and deceived into buying more than what they really need, want, or can afford, does ownership, and the crushing burden of the debt that comes with it, become a living nightmare.

Here at Mortgage Wellness Solutions, we have legal ways and means to get you out of these situations, and to put you and your family back into a position where you will easily be able to afford  the benefits of staying in vacation ownership resorts once again, with out the ongoing cost of maintenance fees. For those of you who don't qualify for Litigation, another option available is Termination. If you and your family are suffering with back breaking debt, as long as there is enough malfeasance involved, we can get most developers to terminate fraudulent mortgages, and the associated debt. This option is very popular with families that do like to take vacations, but can no longer afford to travel because of these unfortunate circumstances. 

In every single case that comes our way, no matter what the circumstances, all of our Research, Investigation, and Consultation Services will always be available to you FREE OF CHARGE. We cannot help everyone, nor will all of the eligible families choose to avail themselves of our services. What we can assure you is that you will always receive friendly, caring, and professional service and advice, with no high pressure, ever, no matter what the outcome.  

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