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Have you or your loved ones been victimized by unscrupulous mortgage lenders or developers in the residential, multi-ownership, or timeshare industries? Did a closing agent or sales representative rush you through the documentation process without giving you time to carefully read all the documents that you were signing? Were all of the questions you had during the signing process answered in a direct and understandable manner? Did the closing agent or sales representative NOT cover the Contract of Sale, Promissory Note, HUD Settlement Statement, Federal Truth in Lending Disclosure Statement, or Informed Right of Rescission documents out loud, verbatim, line item, as required by law?  After the fact, did you discover that you had been misled, or even outright lied to, about the terms and conditions of the real estate contract that you entered into?  If you answered “YES” to any of these questions, than there’s a strong possibility that you are the victim of at least misrepresentation, if not fraud.

Most consumers in this situation have no idea that they now have rights and protection under many consumer and predatory lending laws that have been enacted since the housing bubble burst in 2007 and the secondary credit market crashed in 2008. So many families who have been victimized feel they have no recourse because when they contact these predatory lenders with their concerns, many of whom are so called “ Giants of the Industry “, they are told “ sorry, you signed the paper work, and didn’t cancel within the rescission period ”. If any of these scenarios sound familiar to you, than you definitely need to spend a few minutes to look through the rest of our web site to see if you may qualify for any of our relief programs.  

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